The Marika Meyer Collection for Galleria Carpets & Rugs

Building on more than ten years of a collaborative relationship, Marika Meyer and Galleria Carpets & Rugs have come together to reimagine some of the best loved designs from the Marika Meyer Textiles collection as hand-woven, modern and elegant rugs.

Since 1970, Galleria Carpets & Rugs has embraced the art of weaving, helping clients to select or create the perfect rug. Each rug is handpicked with an emphasis on quality, artistry and diversity of design. Made in Nepal using only the best silks and hand spun wools, their rugs are a testament to the beauty of hand-woven designs. They saw a kindred spirit in Marika Meyer’s designs, with her focus on traditional elements in a modern palette.

The resulting collection is a marriage of Marika Meyer’s classical elegance with the quality of materials and construction that Galleria represents. With both focused on the value of bespoke and unique design, the color, weave and materials of the rugs can be easily customized.



Roman Fig

San Michele