In the 18th and 19th centuries, the study of plants through botanical illustrations was the one, if not only, type of art that was encouraged for women. Female artists contributed some of the greatest examples of botanicals – detailed and accurate, but also beautiful and captivating. This collection is dedicated to those incredibly talented women.


JR Sitlington Sterrett was a Professor at Cornell University and an expert on all things Greek. His extensive photography of archaeological treasures captured his great passion for the topic and has since inspired generations of students. He also happens to be my great-great grandfather and has inspired our family through the years. In fact, his wife Marika was my namesake. This collection is inspired by that family history and my undying love of antiquities.


Octavo describes the page size in a book after having folded one larger printed sheet into eighths. That one page reflects just one portion of the whole creation, in the way each individual element in a pattern comes together to complete a design. It seems a fitting description as this collection was inspired by a family collection of beautiful antique books. The designs reinterpret everything from the intricate cover art to the graphic patterns along the binding.