Textiles by a designer, made for designers. Fresh, versatile, custom.

As I look back over my 15-year career in interior design, the textiles are the most important piece of the rooms I create. They are always my starting place when I begin a new project because I draw inspiration from color and pattern.

When I set out to create a textile collection, I wanted it to be fabric “by a designer, made for designers”. With that in mind, I personally tested our ground cloths to ensure that it be versatile enough to drape well and suit upholstery. I also wanted to provide a tool for designers in their job as “Chief Problem Solver” – whether they are finding the beauty in an awkward space, marrying divergent design aesthetics, or finding just the right color. Fabric can be the creative problem-solving tool they need!

For that reason, all of my fabrics are customizable in numerous ways. With a simple paint color reference, designers can easily create the perfect color palette. Or, change the scale and adjust the pattern to create something truly unique. And, with our eco-friendly stain treatment service, our fabrics will last for years to come so you can truly live in your home.

Textiles are another canvas for us to create on and set the tone and style for a room. Only when a fabric perfectly fits into the design puzzle does a room evoke the kind of emotion that all designers hope for in their work.

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Marika Meyer

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